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Hello! Welcome to my journal. My LJ tends to be filled with many stream of consciousness-like posts, fan-girl ramblings, Penguins hockey and Steelers football squee, inane family and work stories, and photographs. I share my world, the Mo-colored lens is an optimistic one (usually). When the mood strikes I get on my soapbox and share my opinions of the wider world.

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nhl lockout

Mostly millionaires fighting over more money then I could ever hope to make in my lifetime. Heck even guys making the minimum will make more money then I ever will.

I'm not with the players or the owners. It's BOTH their faults.

You love the game? Then play it and allow the players to play it without all this ridiculous back and forth.
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Hockey - Orpik Hands It Out

quest for the cup starts tomorrow

Penguins schedule against their first round opponent the Philadelphia Flyers:

4/11 @ 7:30
4/13 @ 7:30
4/15 @ 3 PM (in Philly)
4/18 @ 7:30 (in Philly)
4/20 @ 7:30 *
4/22 @ TBD (in Philly) *
4/24 @ TBD *

* if necessary

Now for a little according to me for the 2011-2012 season ...

My Favorite Player: As always, Evgeni Malkin
Unsung Hero of the 1st Half of the Regular Season: Jordan Staal
Unsung Hero of the 2nd Half of the Regular Season: Pascal Dupuis
Player That Impressed Me Most: Joe Vitale
Player Who Doesn't Get Enough Credit: Craig Adams
Player Who Improved the Most: Matt Niskanen
Player I Think Will Step Up the Most in the Playoffs: Kris Letang
Player I'd Most Like to Meet: Ben Lovejoy
Most Consistent Player: Marc-Andre Fleury
Baby Pen Who Impressed the Most: Simon Despres
MVP: Evgeni Malkin

I will end my hockey rambling now. LET'S GO PENS! At both levels - NHL and AHL.
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Hockey - Super Duper

because it's the cup

Poll #1832434 Playoff Bound

Who is excited for the start of the NHL Playoffs?

I'm interested, but not all get-up-go about the playoffs.
Nope, not me; my favorite team is out of it.
Not me, I don't follow hockey.
Steelers - Big Ben

nyg vs ne

Poll #1817059 Football

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

I tuned in for the half-time performance.
I checked in every once and while to find out the score, but didn't watch straight through.